List of states are below.

Khandular PeninsulaEdit

Nation Population Sovereignty Dispute
United Khanlands 20,000,000 E.Khandlands and Ancient Ogols dispute shoreline.
Eastern Khanlands 4,300,000 Ancient Ogols disputes border.
Ancient Ogols 11,400,000 E. Khandlans and U. Khandlands dispute region.
Burman Ports 2,400,000 None
Tibenam 960,000 None
People's Republic of the Lake 2,500,000 None
Khand Desert 3,100,000 Islamic State of the Khand claims governance, but is unrecognized. 
Naharan 12,000,000 ISK claims the land.
Lorzan Strip 13,200,000 None
Eshaf 114,000,000 None
Loroing 990,000 Tibenam claims the area
Baieicul 1,500,000 None
West Newf 3,400,000 None
Newf 90,000,000 None
Eshaf North 86,200,000 None
Eshaf Island 24,000,000 None
Bayt 104,000,000 None
Gazan 15,000,000 Now controlled by the Islamic State of the Eshaf Corridor (ISEC)
Islamic State of the Newforah 103,000,000 Government is also called ISEC
Belford United 7,100,000 In a war against the ISEC
Belford Khand 2,000,000 In war against the ISEC
Belford Eshaf 10,300,000 None
Seafront 4,100,000 ISS claims the region
Islamic State of Seafront 17,000,000 Belford Eshaf and Seafront claim the area.
Canalic 1,100,000 Claimed by ISK
Norland 1,190,000,000 (England) At war with Ideria (ISK)
Ideria (Khand) 1,250,000,000 (AKA ISK) At war with Norland, claimed by Norland
Isleland 275,000,000 A colony of Norland. None.

Holy Islamic ContinentEdit

Nation Population Notes
Ideria (HLC) 790,000,000 The nation has been expanding into the Khandular Peninsula instead of the HLC due to difficulties countering the Moyoko Caliphate
Moyoko Calliphate Empire 3,400,000,000