The Moyoko Caliphate is a major nation that was united by the Moyoko family in 2009 Until then it was a grouping of over 300 nations and tribes which all believed in the religion of Islam. The nation has a population of 3.4 billion, making it the nation with the largest potential into the future. (Nortugee, the current largest has a very stable population of 5 billion). The ruling Moyoko family has promised to ally itself with the Ideria Caliphate in the future, once the Moyoko region has stabilized and urbanized enough to begin to prepare for world domination. If they were to ally, they would have a combined manpower of 5.4 billion people.

At present, the majority of the population continues to live in the rural tribes which are spread out sparsely across the entire nation. The Moyoko family is trying to move as many of its citizens as possible into its five key cities: Capital, Alibijan, Nuk-O, Lamut, and Jamah. Currently only 1 in 3 people live in these key cities, and the Moyokos wish for 2 in 3 before they prepare their plans for world domination. Nortugee statisticians believe that this will happen by the year 2017.

Climate Edit

The entire central Moyoko Caliphate area is desert, making the region deadly to the unprepared. The region is also the most populated, with Capital, Alibajan, and other major cities along the equatorial zone The regions see record high and low temperatures throughout the year. The provinces which hold warm deserts include Moyoko Kingdom, Ashistan, Damasuk, Naraha, Baghbad, Moyran, Okouk, Lomoshstan, Uzstan.

Islamabad is home to a massive rainforest and to the origins of the Sacred River, providing water to the entirety of the central Moyoko Caliphate. It is also home to the origins of the Jamah River, which provides water to the northern nation.

History Edit

Sub-Iderian Civil War Edit

The Sub-Iderian Civil War is the war which resulted in the creation of the Moyokan Caliphate. The war began after the Evelyn Rashid Tribe (of 30,000) attacked the Moyoko Tribe (of 10,000) in 1949. Due to 19-year old King Adnon Moyoko's incredible control over his small kingdom and self-declared caliphate, he was able to win the war and expand his empire to over 1000 square kms. King Moyoko decided to send out troops to attack neighbouring tribes and small states. After 5 years, King Moyoko made Nortugee International News Network after claiming a total area of over 600,000 square kms and over 400,000 people. The region had never seen an empirical power like this one. Therefore, Moyoko was able to expand at incredibly rapid rates due to no alliances and little military power throughout the entire region, full only of small tribes and states.

In 1970, Moyoko controlled an area of over 3,000,000 square km. The area was divided into over 100 small colonies, making Moyoko the leader, but was essentially powerless until he used military force to implement his will. Throughout that decade Moyoko built a strong sense of nationalism through the Moyoko Radio and Television Group which became a news source of record for the region as the Nortugee International Radio waves were disbanded throughout the continent.

28 May Revolt Edit

Things were peaceful until 28 May 1993 when massive protests broke out across the region. Alibijan, the golden city and source of pride for the region, was taken over by Norland. A new political family rose to prominence, the Iderians. They lived in their northern nation of Ideria, a small nation located 1000km from the Norland Canal. They had a massive population, and helped their southern friends reclaim the city of Alibijan. They killed thousands and thousands of Norlanders as the re-took the city. In the end, they could only re-claim about a half of the city, which included none of the Islamic religious pinnacles of the area. Ideria left after reaching a peace agreement with Norland.

By 1 May 1994, the Moyoko government was forced to secede to Ideria due to a massive series of protests. The Iderians promised to help build up the nation into a great empire. Meanwhile, the Moyoko family fled to Eden. King Ider expanded his empire so that they connected through the Islamabad rainforest.

King Ider's Will Edit

After 15 years, King Ider died and willed that the Moyoko family regain their old empire. King Adnon Moyoko returned to the Moyoko region immediately, and declared all of the colonies a part of the one nation of the Moyoko Caliphate. King Adnon Moyoko is continuing his work in building up the empire. He became widowed after the mysterious death of his wife, Queen Abee Moyoko. He married to ruling Queen of Ideria shortly after, Queen Matama, in 2013. This could mean an eventual merger of the two empires.

Capital Edit

When the Moyoko family brought together the Moyoko nations into one, the dispute over where the capital city should lie was vicious. In the end, King Adnon Moyoko decided that the Capital would be placed in a new province of the Moyoko Kingdom, shaped like an eye. The province includes Lamut and Alibijan which are historic anchors of the entire continent. Capital, now with over 400,000,000 residents, began as a small tribal palace which Adnon Moyoko had grown up in as a child.

World Domination Plans Edit

After they reach their goals, the Moyokos and Ideria plan to launch an immediate attack on the ex-Nortugee colony of Nunjab Gurrat. Gurrat is one of the most impoverished nations on the Menzkhan planet, and has a urbanized population of over 1 billion. Following Nunjab Gurrat, Bladia will be adopted into the caliphate. Bladia is another impoverished nation with over 600 million people.

After Bladia, Eden, the birthplace of the human race, will be an easy take-over. Eden has never been colonized or adopted before due to the Treaty of Mutual Recognition and Fairness which was signed by Norland and Nortugee in the 1400s. Eden has a population of over 200 million people. Bladia, due to its location next to the Christian and Jewish States of New Alibijan will be slowly taken. Nortugee and Norland are expected to throw much fighting power to keep both of these nations. The nations have a small population of below 50 million, but will provide an ideal location and will allow for complete control over the city of Alibijan, which is currently divided three ways because of its importance in all three religions.

Following Alibijan, Moyoko has promised to help in the take over of the Eshaf peninsula should the take over be incomplete. That area remains a major Norland colonial area, and will cause significant economic and moral damage to Norland. Following Eshaf, a take-over of the rest of Khandular Peninsula and the shore-countries surrounding Moyoko should be comparatively simple to execute.