The Khandular Peninsula is a major continent located on the Western coast of the Menzkhand super-continent. It is the second largest continent and has a massive population of nearly 3.4 billion people. The most common definintion the the Khandular Peninsula is that it is all land west of the Norland Canal, and it includes the Norland and Isleland and Eshaf Island islands.

The entire region is divided between the well-off people of the Norland empire (Norland, Isleland, Eshaf, Eshaf Island, Newf, Bayt, Eshaf North, West Newf, Canalic, and the Lorzan Strip), the powerful people of the Ideria Caliphate (Ideria [Khand], Khand Desert, and Naharan), and the incredibly poor people of the equatorial peninsula (Tibenam, United Khanlands, Eastern Khandlands, Ancient Ogols, Burman Ports, People's Republic of the Lake, Lording, the new Islamic State of Seafront,Belford Khand, Belford Eshaf, Belford United, Islamic State of Newforah, Gazan, Baieicul).

Situation Edit

In 2014 the equatorial region has been under a long takeover by the Ideria Caliphate. They have claimed Khand Desert and Naharan as their colonies this year. Over the past ten years Ideria has expanded into the Khandular Peninsula by taking over twelve nations that were once poor Norland colonies. Ideria has made it clear that it plans to take over the rest of the equatorial zone, while Norland plans to continue its plans for world domination through their wealthy colonies of the southern sub-peninsula of Eshaf. Currently they are only defending from attacks and have not launched any fronts on taking over the equatorial zone. Ideria plans to take over Norland as well, but will not be able to realistically accomplish this until the rural desert of the Moyoko Caliphate grows into the urbanized nation that the Moyokonian Kingdom attempts to create. When the Moyoko Caliphate has developed sufficiently, the two countries will carry out their alliance into Norland and into the superpower island of Nortugee which has been un-touchable since the 1600s.